Hello (English)

Hello everyone,


Welcome to the special landing page for recruiters and creative people interested in contacting me.

I am writing this to bring some information in regard of my current situation. First of all, thank you for visiting my profile and being in contact with me. I am always open for communication and glad to help.

Not looking for a job for now

At the moment I am not looking for a job. However, as I mentioned I am always glad to be in communication and help people.

Sorry for delay in response

Time to time I receive some number of messages and it takes time to write a short reply to everyone. Sometimes letters and incoming messages are just piling and it getting hard to process them. I am sorry about this, but it may take up to even month to concentrate and respond to everyone.

Subscribe on any situation change

If you feel you want to be informed once something changed in regard of job-looking situation, just stay tuned. For example, you can follow on my twitter account https://twitter.com/nantipov_org.
Please find my all available communication channels on the left sidebar (<--).


I speak English, Russian and a little bit of German. But honestly, I am far from high proficient in German. I learn German, but do not have so much opportunities to practice language on professional level. German messages are processed by O(n3) time-complexity in my mind :-). I am working on this :-).

Thank you.
Best regards,
Nikolai Antipov